World Leaders Reigning on the “Porcelain Throne”— Hilarious Images Reveal Toilet Time

As a kid you probably never thought your teachers or school principal ever really went to the bathroom. In the same way, do we ever think about the fact that the leaders of the world have poop that actually stinks? In fact, who is the poor Secret Service guy who has to follow up Mr. President with air freshener in the bathroom?

Have you ever wondered what the Pope looks like while sitting on the toilet? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore! Christina Guggeri is a prolific artist who has made real what may have previously only lived inside of people’s minds: images of world leaders doing their “duty”. In fact, the series of artwork is called Il Dovere Quotidiano or “The Daily Duty”.

We’ve seen pictures of them eating, right? We know they do. And what goes in, well, it must come out. These images rendered by the Italian artist offer everything from Queen Elizabeth’s pantyhose around her ankles, to the Dali Lama taking some time out from his religious “duties”. Each is represented in a bathroom that might be suitable for their position, including a fancy chandelier for Queen Elizabeth and very Roman looking archways for the Pope.

For leaders who may have the power to send bombs out all over the world, here they exercise their power to bomb the porcelain sea. If you have ever been curious about what your world leaders look like when they are doing their “business” or they have the “dirty squirties”, now it’s time to find out!

Source & Photos: | Facebookareashoot


Source & Photos: | Facebookareashoot

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