25 Most Hilarious Windshield Notes You Have to See

Sometimes drivers do the stupidest things—especially when they are parking! And the passive aggressive action of placing a note on the windshield of a car has become almost an art form. Of course, it’s better than other ways you could exercise road rage. Other notes are clever pleas for mercy from the parking authorities.

Take a look at these clever notes left anonymously (mostly) on windshields:

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#1. Lazy at the Gym

You have to admit, it’s pretty pathetic that the guy going into the gym makes up his own parking space just to get closer. Irony at its finest.

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#2. Buy Yourself Some Parking Lessons

This guy with the blue BMW is not only talked down to for having an expensive car, but he’s also being blamed if her handicapped grandmother does because there’s nowhere for her to park!


#3. Peanut Butter Mess

When you want to get your message across, sometimes just a note won’t do. In that case, go ahead and smear the windshield with peanut butter and write your note that way!

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