Why having a pet is better than having a boyfriend

Pets can replace people, if you’re not careful.  Boyfriends can be nice, but your dog is the one who is always there for you. He never leaves and he also never leaves the toilet seat up…he just might drink some of the water sometimes. Here are 20 reasons why having a pet is better than having a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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1. They never talk back


That’s right, my cat doesn’t give me any lip. They listen to me complain or even get angry with them and I get nothing but a sweet little face looking up at me. Aw!


2. A pet is always up for snuggle time


Every day, all day, baby. Who needs a smelly boyfriend when I can snuggle my pet whenever I darn well want to?


3. A pet doesn’t get ornery with you


But your boyfriend does.  All the time. But, your dog just loves you with all he has. He waits at the window every day until you get home. He always wants to spend time with you.


4. They love going places with you


Doesn’t matter where you go, your pet is along for the ride. In fact, your pet is absolutely thrilled to go anywhere with you.


5. They wait patiently until you are home


Who else waits at the door all day long just for you. Now, that’s true love. I never had a boyfriend just waiting around for me all day.


6. You can dress your pet up however you want


Girls love to dress things up– so, if your boyfriend won’t do it, your dog will!


7. You can send your pet to obedience classes


But you can’t send a boyfriend to obedience classes!


8. You’ll never wonder who your dog is with and what he is doing


Because your dog will never cheat on your– never ever. Isn’t that so nice to know! You can even sic him on your cheating ex-boyfriend!


9. Your dog won’t judge you for not showering all day


He doesn’t mind your smell one bit.


10. Your dog will let you talk as much as you want to.


Which is a lot.  So, listen up, pooch.


11. Your pet doesn’t care how much you shop, as long as you get him treats too



You’ll always get him treats.


12. Your pet’s snores are actually pretty cute



They’re adorable, honestly.


13. You’ll never fall in the toilet because your pet left the seat up


Your dog might only take a drink out of the toilet…but he’ll never mess with your seat.


14. Your pet doesn’t tell you how to drive


Your dog is just along for the ride.


15. Your pet loves you unconditionally


He just needs you to love him back.


16. Does a boyfriend honestly get cuter than this:


Yeah, we don’t think so.


17. Your cat doesn’t annoy you at all when you’re trying to work


It’s actually a welcome distraction.


18. Your pet is open to making new friends


Even if your boyfriend wanted to hang with only you, your big lovable dog will befriend anybody.


19. Pets don’t care if you listen to Taylor Swift all day long


Don’t worry, your friends might judge you but your dog never will.


20. Your pet will never judge you for eating an entire pizza by yourself


Honestly, they just want you to share some with them, too.

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