20 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

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#6 Moose Oven Mitt


For a perfect gift idea, pair this moose oven mitt with the moose mug. Funny and functional, this can also be used as a hand puppet to entertain children at the party.


#7 People of Walmart 2016 Boxed Calendar


Since leap year is coming up, 2016 gets you 366 days of hilarity. Photos of folks that shop at Walmart, based on the website PeopleofWalmart.com. Everyone in the office will be laughing all year long.


#8 Already Been Chewed (ABC) Cookie Cutters


Gingerbread cookies have never looked like this! At least not before they were partially eaten. This clever set of cookie cutters make cookies look like they’ve already had a leg, or an arm, or a head bitten off.


#9 Sophisticated Tape Dispenser


Useful for the office party exchange, this high-heeled tape holder dispenses cellophane tape in style. And it’s fun for the whole office to share!


#10 Pick Your Nose Cups



Great for those who need a low price range gift, these cups have a variety of photos of noses on then, showcasing your personality (and helping you know which cup is yours) as you “Pick Your Nose”.

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