20 Best White Elephant Gift Ideas

It’s Holiday Time again, and you know what that means….Gift Exchanges! But exchanging gifts doesn’t have to be boring—they can be fun, hilarious, and not too expensive.

Depending on the rules of the particular group, you’ll likely find that most gift exchanges have a cap of around $20 (or less). And they may have other guidelines which indicate whether the gift is to be a serious gift, a gag gift, or both! A gift that is funny and useful wins the ultimate prize.

This year, without even having to leave your couch, you can use the internet to find some of the most hilarious and delightful White Elephant gifts for your Holiday party. Check these out:

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#1 Toilet Mug


Fun and functional, this toilet bowl mug is a great gift for the person who has everything. And toilet humor is always one of the funniest parts of the party! Add some coffee beans in as an additional part of the gift.


#2 Faux Beard Hat


Amusing for adults or children, this winter hat with a fake beard attached helps anyone stay warm during the cold weather. For a group, get a one-size-fits-most item.


#3 Splat Stan Coaster


When you set your cup or mug into this coaster, Stan is a good sport by making it look like you have him pinned down on the table. Great for the office so that everyone can enjoy it.


#4 Butt/Face Soap


Easily identifiable in the shower, the white side is for your face and the brown side is…..well, you know. Wash from one cheek to the other with this Butt-Face Soap.


#5 Christmas Vacation Moose Mug


A nod to National Lampoon, this Moose Mug is instantly recognizable from the Griswold’s house and would be welcome at any Holiday party! Fill it with candy for a boost to the price range!

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