Introducing, The World’s First Waterpark for Children with Disabilities.

From larger-than-life waterslides to big inner tubes in the lazy river to the intriguing wave pool, it is no mystery that a water park can easily be the highlight of a child’s summer.

But, it can even be an adventure for the whole family as it is also a great way to cool off in the scorching summer heat.

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However, for a family with a disabled child, most water parks are not an option because they are not exactly designed for people with disabilities….

Until now!

The Morgan Inspiration Island – a water park built specifically for people with disabilities – opened on June 17 in San Antonio, Texas.

Thanks to the entire park being wheelchair accessible, even children with disabilities can have the chance to fully enjoy a variety of water games and pools that they might normally miss out on.

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The park, which hosts a tropical theme, features six major rides including a wheelchair-adapted flow ride and large spaces with rain showers, water cannons, and geysers.

And just when you thought the deal could not get any sweeter…

Here comes the icing on the cake – all people with disabilities are welcomed into the park free of charge.

“Our goal is to give all guests a good experience in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and not too crowded environment,” the founder of the park, Gordon Hartman, said.

In addition to free admission, the park also gives all children a waterproof bracelet with GPS capabilities so parents and personal assistants can easily follow or find the kids if needed.

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For those children who are vulnerable to too much noise and large crowds, there are also quiet, private areas for them to relax and enjoy the water park amenities.

While helping people, the park is also designed to help the Earth. Morgan’s Inspiration Island is designed with water conservation in mind. The water used at the park is continuously filtered and recycled to ensure all visitors can be confident about the quality of the water they are enjoying.

Although other waterparks catering to people with disabilities do exist around the world, they are often restricted to just one or two pools that have been adapted to meet their needs. Therefore, this is why Morgan’s is being considered the first truly inclusive waterpark.

Single day admission ticket prices for those without disabilities range from $11 to $27 depending on age and admission type.

The park also offers food and a gift shop and is equipped to accommodate school or group trips.

The park does also accept donations, based on their listed guidelines, for those who might be interested.

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