15 Shocking Vintage Advertisements That Are Totally Unacceptable Today

While some modern-day advertisements might seem a little inappropriate, these vintage ads are so shocking you won’t believe that they’re real! From shocking racist ads, to ads promoting giving children drugs – these are the ads of our past.


#1. Butter – Good and Good for you

While butter isn’t necessarily bad for you, too much of anything is never good. You shouldn’t overdo butter, therefore, the amount of butter the child is shown eating in this vintage ad would no longer be good for you. Actually, butter can aid in clogging your arteries as opposed to lubricating them.

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#2. Kenwood – Cooking is what wives are for

This ad is for kitchen utensils, and while it shows both the man and woman in the kitchen, it is sexist by stating that women are for cooking. During this time, most women did not work outside of the home. In fact, in 1967, 49 percent of mothers still did not work outside of the home.

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#3. Got a toothache? Use cocaine toothache drops!

That’s right – America’s most dangerous and addictive drug used to be readily available to the public in toothache drops for just 15 cents. Cocaine was also previously used in the original Coca-Cola drink made by John Pemberton in the late 1880s.


#4. Pear’s Soap – “For the complexion”

This vintage ad is clearly racist. The picture portrays that the soap can wash the black off a person, making them white.

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#5. Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic

While this ad might not be sexist or racist, it is promoting obesity – which is a known health risk.

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