11 Non-American Products Manufactured by Trump Companies

“Made in America” week feels very closely connected to the 2016 campaign slogan: “Make America Great Again”. This year, Made in America Week featured everything from Louisiana baseball hats and Texas cowboy hats where President Donald Trump highlighted products made in all 50 states. Curiously, however, none of the products that Trump companies (Donald’s or Ivanka’s) produce. In fact, the companies owned by Mr. Trump and his daughter seem to outsource all of their products to at least 12 other countries.

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#1. Trump Homeware -Made in China, India, and Turkey

According to the Washington Post, Trump’s furniture collection includes foreign made items such as kitchen items, light fixtures, ceramic vases, wall décor, and mirrors. Some photo frames that are part of the Trump Homeware collection were manufactured in India and imported into the United States.


#2. Trump Vodka – Made in the Netherlands

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A less-than-successful attempt by Donald Trump at stepping into the world of spirits manufacturing, Trump Vodka was produced by Wanders Distillery in the Netherlands. The product was sold in the US beginning in 2005 but only lasted a few years. Not only was the product not made in the USA, InternetWines.com and Chicagoist both gave it disappointing reviews which may account for the discontinuation of the product in 2011.

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