20 Trends You’re Just Too Old For (Even Though You’re Young at Heart!)

It’s great when we feel much younger than we are. But it’s not great when it appears we are trying to look a whole lot younger—and not pulling it off! Sometimes we need to come to terms with our stage in life and begin to dress more appropriately. That’s not to say that we can’t have fun, but there’s nothing more aging (and embarrassing) than wearing trends that make you look silly at your age.

If you want to be classy and mature with grace, try avoiding these trends:

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1. DANGEROUS DENIM: Low Rise, Bedazzled, Flared, Super Skinny Jeans

Pretty much any extreme may leave you cold rather than helping you to look cool. Avoid fancy baubles, over-the-top rips and frays, low cuts (muffin top alert!) or the painted on look.

Your Fashion Guru Says: Go with classic styles that don’t change each season. If you like to change up your look a bit, keep tabs on the colors and washes of denim that are in style at the moment and work with that to stay fresh but not like you’re trying too hard.

2. SEXY STILETTOS: Hooker Heels, Stripper Shoes

Let’s be practical for a minute and just let go of these. Even at 20-something it can be super difficult to walk in these, but more mature women should just know better. Shoes can still be sexy and fashionable without risking injury—not to mention looking ridiculous. This also applies to boots or gladiator sandals that go thigh-high.

Your Fashion Guru Says: Stick to heels that are around three inches or less, and try something a bit more steady but still stylish. Go with designers who are known for high fashion along with comfort, and they’ll be less likely to go out of style before you can even wear them!

3. SILLY SOCKS: Mismatched Footies, Toe Socks

Even if all of the kids are doing it, doesn’t mean you should be. Sure, you can now buy packs of socks in which there are no matches. And this is cute on children. But on a woman over, say, the age of 14? Not so much. The premise is pretty much the same as the graphic tees. Go for classic socks that lean away from the outrageous.
Your Fashion Guru Suggests: If you’re looking for a color pop with your accessories, try a scarf or a handbag in exciting colors.


4. TACKY T-SHIRTS: Graphic Tees, Bragging Logos

Sure, you’ve got the souvenir t-shirts just like everyone else. But you probably need to stop wearing them in public. The same goes for that t-shirt with the handprints that your kids (or grandkids!) made for you. Don’t throw them away, of course, but wear them at home when you’re with your family. Logo tees can look rather juvenile and a bit self-absorbed. Especially if they have sayings on them “I’m Hot” or “Free Hugs”.

Your Fashion Guru Suggests: You don’t have to get rid of the comfort of tee shirts all together. Just choose tees with a classic cut (not baggy) that are either plain colors or have a simple, all-over pattern. Dress up a tee with a scarf for an even sassier look.


5. MICRO MINIS: Short Skirts, High Hemlines

Just like with the Daisy Dukes, it’s important to keep the bum contained inside the clothing, and super-short skirts are even riskier than shorts. Just a slight wind and you’ll find yourself completely exposed. Keep the hemline lower, no higher than just a couple of inches (3”-4”) above the knee. And your skirt could possibly also be worn as a headband, you’re making a huge mistake.

Your Fashion Guru Suggests: Instead of thinking that shorter is sexier, retrain your brain to think about leaving something to the imagination. You can still show off your curves and with a longer pencil skirt or chic, classic straight skirt. Tights are an option if you want to pull off a slightly shorter look without revealing your rear. However, a short skirt with tights may be the school-girl look you are trying to avoid.

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