This Woman Says “No More Poaching Endangered Animals” and is Willing to Kill to Protect Them—You Wouldn’t Want to Mess With Her!


Army Veteran, Kinessa Johnson has decided to speak out—and get fellow veterans to join her–against the poaching of animals in Africa. The continent of Africa has the highest number of species on the endangered species list and Kinessa’s team wants to help the African park rangers save them. By joining Veterans Empowered To Protect African Wildlife (VETPAW), Johnson aims to help solve two problems by employing US Veterans to help protect African wildlife. The team arrived in Tanzania in March and is spending time training park rangers to do their jobs better by working with them on field medicine, marksmanship, and counter-intelligence.

Photo: Adam Bettcher


As the place with the world’s largest population of rhinos and elephants, Africa’s park rangers are often threatened by poachers and many of their lives have been lost in order to save the animals. VETPAW is coming in to save the day. And with Kinessa Johnson on their team, who is going to want to mess with them? I mean, really, look at her tattoos while she holds that giant gun!


Photo: David Thorson


Social media has been a great way for Johnson to share information about her passion for the animals as well as to help raise money for the foundation. Following her on Instagram is a great way to keep up on the beautiful African wildlife photos. Although they do not operate with the intent to kill anyone, if you are a poacher in Africa, you should certainly look out for Kinessa!


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Source: 9News

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