Heart Touching Story—A Student is Raising Money for a Homeless Man After Giving Her His Last Money

Sometimes, the person who has the least is the one willing to help. And to express her gratitude to a homeless man who offered her his last £3, Dominique Harrison-Bentzen is trying to raise money in order to get a flat for a homeless man she calls Robbie.

She met him when she lost her bank card and realized it when she was about to get money for a taxi cab. The man approached her and insisted that she takes his last £3 so she can go home safe. She ended up searching for the man and later found out that he has also helped others in need.

However, she decided to go through the right channels instead of giving him the £3 she owes. She decided to live in the streets for 24 hours in order to experience the life of a homeless person. All she asks is for people to sponsor £3 for her in order to get Robbie a decent place to stay. Besides, she believes this is important since Robbie won’t be able to get a job without an address.

Read the updates on how much she has already earned for a stranger who helped her when she was in need.

You can also visit donation page here.

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