Spectacular Site-Specific Art on Paris Streets Adds Humor and Provokes Thought

This art teacher in France has gone above and beyond his educational duties and has used his artistic talents to invade the walls and streets of Paris. Injecting humor into the everyday, French artist, Charles Leval (using the name Levalet), takes average and boring items from street locations and turns them into something much more interesting. Lavalet’s work has also been featured in an art gallery in Paris.

For instance, have you ever turned a corner to find an average bronze bull head statue on a wall…with a painted human body below? Then you can imagine one of Levalet’s art renderings! The artist felt like the street was a creative space that he had to invade. These are so ingenious and you’ll want to see them all. One after the other, they are all unexpected on the streets of Paris!

1.Three Men bound by electric cords
1. Three Men bound by electric cords
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