15 Must See Smoke Bomb Wedding Photo Ideas

Want your wedding photos to be on point with the latest trends? Then you really must include the idea of smoke bombs. These clever little things have become the perfect accessory to the exciting celebration of a wedding. And they make your wedding photos look absolutely inspired!

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#1. Foggy Walk


Go for a funky, foggy feeling like in this subtle photo, allowing the smoke to sink like fog around you. Your photographer will need to set off a few bombs of the same color and then you’ll walk through them as the photos are taken. The result makes any wedding setting look like a foggy, romantic valley with a mysterious vibe.


#2. Blue Kisses


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For this one, choose a romantic looking grove of trees, add a few old windows or doors, and you’ve created the perfect backdrop for a blue, foggy kiss. The contrast of the bride’s white dress and the trees in the background make this scene look like a picturesque photo shoot of epic proportions. Of course, you don’t have to use blue—you can choose any color that goes along with your wedding theme.

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