20 Telltale Signs That You Are Not A Morning Person

Raise your hand if you like waking up early? Oh, look…no one is raising their hand.  That’s because none of us is a natural-born morning person.  It’s a learned art. As for the rest of us, we like our grouchy sunshine-hating give-me-more-sleep time, so get us a cup of coffee and don’t speak to us for about an hour. You could also try reading this–for all you morning haters out there, here are 20 gifs that perfectly describe people who hate mornings.

1. When I’m on my morning jog

Yep.  I hate life.  Everything about it. I hate running. I hate morning. I hate birds chirping in the trees. I hate the sun coming up. I hate day time. I hate getting sweaty in the morning. Ok, that’s it, I’m done with this jog…going home and back to bed now.


2. Can I get back under the covers yet?

More sleep is always the solution to my problems. I just want to crawl back in bed after my alarm goes off and after taking a shower and in the middle of the day and after work and also around 8pm every night.



 3. I’m going to flip over and go back to sleep

I’ll just pretend this never happened. You never woke me. I never spoke. I’m going back to sleep now so go away sweet little birds.  Your chirping isn’t ruining my morning today.


4. My first hour of work every day

Just give me some time to stop being so gosh darn ornery. I just need a little extra waking up time. Give me a few minutes.


5. Please…no light!  Not the light!

Light is bad.  Early is bad.  Waking up is bad. Sleep good. Go away before something bad happens.


6. Who gets up at 8am?

Ew.  Seriously? That’s ridiculously early. Who does that? Crazy people? This is why I’ll never sign up for a class earlier than 11 and I’ll never take a job that forces me to be awake before 9.


7. Sunshine makes all of us angry

We don’t want to end up with warts all over us like this broad.  Can we just keep the blinds closed indefinitely?


8. When you look outside and see your bus is outside but you’re not ready

This is so not ok. Then you scramble and run around the house to grab everything you need to make it in time to your bus but it takes off without you. Sad day. Well…might as well go back to sleep.



9. Why aren’t you happier in the morning?

Rory speaks the truth.  Nothing excites us before 11am either.


10. When someone asks us why we’re so cranky

If you ask me another question, I’ll literally bite your head off.


11. Please don’t talk to me before a reasonable hour

That hour being noon. At the very least.


12. You consider it a talent to get out of the bed without having to make it

One less thing to check off your list, right?


13. Morning routine

Do push-up, get right back in bed.


14.  All teenagers everywhere

You’re never getting me out of here. I’m seriously never leaving this bed.


15. When you look outside and it’s an absolutely beautiful day

Ugh. I hate this. I really do.


16. When your coffee isn’t already waiting for you

Who has made this terrible error?!?



17. It’s a legitimate excuse

Morning time brings out the angry in all of us.


18. When you see your happy morning person friend

Yeah…I hate you right now. Please go away.



19. When people talk to you and you’re still tired

“Uhhh….wait…what did you say?  Can I go take a nap now?”



20. Dang alarm clock!

Stop ruining my life!


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