Senior Dogs Need Homes Too! See The Dog’s Face When He Gets Adopted.

What kind of dog just knows that she needs to visit her master at the hospital and drops everything to find her? Sissy! When Nancy, Sissy’s “Momma” was taken to the hospital, she couldn’t bear to be separated from her. So she make the trek—of over 15 blocks—just to see her. You won’t believe it unless you see it!

When the security cameras picked up a dog running alone through the lobby of Mercy Hospital, it was first thought that someone had snuck the dog in. Then, after looking at his tags, the security guard realized that little Sissy had made her way from at least 15 blocks away. They realized that Sissy had come from home because her owner was a patient at the hospital.

While normally pets are not permitted in Mercy Hospital, in this particular case the loyalty of this dog to her sick human, Nancy, may have been an excellent reason to go ahead and break the usual hospital rules!

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Source : Eldad Hagar Via YouTube


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