6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Real “Wolf of Wall Street”

Jordan Belfort’s infamous story of his time on Wall Street shocked millions of people when he was immortalized in the blockbuster movie, The Wolf of Wall Street. His story is full of sex, drugs, and excessive greed which costs several people millions of dollars.

Today, his story did not end up quite like you would expect. Based on recent interviews, it seems that the real “Wolf of Wall Street” just might not be reaping the consequences of his actions after all.

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The movie isn’t 100% accurate.

In February, The Hollywood Reporter had the opportunity to speak with Belfort. When asked about how accurate the portrayal of him was in The Wolf of Wall Street, he said ““The drug use and the stuff with the hookers and the sales assistants and the sex in the office … that stuff is really, really accurate.”

““In some respects, my life was even worse than that. Though I’d say I did more Quaaludes than cocaine,” he continued.

Belfort now claims he is a different man and is no longer a resemblance of the corrupt and greedy character played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

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He still lives a luxury lifestyle.

Since the entire Wall Street scheme, Belfort spent 22 months in prison for money laundering and fraud.

However, after serving his time, he has lived in luxury oceanfront homes in California and a rented five-bedroom mansion on shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada, which is now being sold for $16 million.

Belfort has also taken a few ski trip vacations and took his fiancée to The Vatican.


He is now going on a U.S. tour.

These days, Belfort is known as a writer, entrepreneur and public speaker. He spends his time traveling around the world giving lectures and telling people all the secrets of a real salesman. This year, he will be going on a 45-city speaking tour around the US.


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He insists the majority of the crimes were not his doing.

“Greed is not good. Ambition is good, passion is good. Passion prospers. My goal is to give more than I get, that’s a sustainable form of success,” Belfort said of his wrong-doings, after acknowledging that he “got greedy.”

However, Belfort said the majority of his crimes were not a result of his work on Wall Street.

“Ninety-five percent of the business was legitimate,” he said. “It was all brokerage firm issues. It was all legitimate, nothing to do with liquidating stocks.”

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