12 Strangest (but Profitable!) Things to Invest In

While winning the lottery might be your plan to get rich, the odds are not stacked in your favor. On the other hand, investing in a 401K is a very slow-paced investment that you may not be ready to wait on. Somewhere in between the lottery and a corporate retirement plan are some of these strange but possibly gold-mine investments.

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#1. Disney Movies

A brilliant marketing scheme, Disney does not make all of its movies available at the same time. This means that some of them are put into the “Disney Vault” after a limited time of publishing, making them rare and therefore more valuable. Even DVD and VHS release films can be sold for four times their original value. Your grandma’s attic or a garage sale may be a great place to find cheap, valuable Disney movies.

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#2. Art

It will take a little bit of research but investing in paintings could bring home the bacon for you eventually. Historically, high-end art can hold substantial value if you’re patient enough to wait. The good news is that, even during financial and economic downturns, art has a tendency to hold its value. For instance, Jackson Pollock paintings have been known to sell for tens of millions of dollars, with very fast returns.

When purchasing, choose art that you enjoy and try to understand various mediums in order to make diversified, sound art investments. Don’t forget that artists might be unknown for a while, but that’s the time to invest. As they become more well-known, their work will become more valuable. And that’s when you’ll find your investments begin to take off.

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#3. Comic Books

Image: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/118289927690987401/

Even though it might feel a bit geeky if you aren’t into the whole Comic Con scene, Comic Books can still be a great investment. This is particularly true if you can find comic books in mint condition. That means that you should make sure it doesn’t have any marks, dog ears on the pages, or rips and tears. Just a few years ago, a Superman No. 1 comic book brought in $3.2 million dollars when sold on eBay. Obviously a comic book that is pristine will be more valuable. Comic book stores really aren’t the best place to find them. Try old estate or yard sales where the people selling them aren’t actually aware of their value. Of course, the longer you have a rare comic book, the more valuable it will become. So hang onto them and be patient. Their time might come.

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