Pope Francis’ Flashmob Birthday Surprise. 400 Homeless Received Special Gifts.

When Pope Francis celebrated his 78th Birthday, the highest official of the Catholic Church who is Pope Francis I gave gifts to 400 homeless people. He asked Swiss guards and other volunteers to distribute sleep bags of high quality to 400 homeless people who lives in the city.

Pope Francis has been known to be a very giving person and this won’t be the first time that he did such act of kindness and compassion to others. The pope pushed for showers for homeless people in Vatican and there also have been rumors that he would go out at night to preach to these people in need.

His act wasn’t as surprising since his character should really live up to this. Nonetheless, people still celebrated the momentous occasion and this video will show how many followers of the pope have celebrated with the man of the day.


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Source : CNS Rome Via YouTube

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