Police Raid Billionaire Drug Lord’s Home—and What They Find is Incredible

Let’s face it, getting rich quick isn’t easy. Especially if you want to do it legally. Winning the lottery or lucking out on a game show is pretty unlikely, so many people turn to illegal means of getting big money. Like selling drugs. Then, when these drug lords earn a lot of money, they like to spend it on luxurious things.

And although these kingpins are usually very careful, with their own armies of security and other forms of protection, sometimes they still get caught. When Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman got found out, his home was raided by police and you won’t even believe what they found!


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#10 Millions of Dollars’ Worth of Art


Art thievery is a weird thing because art is created to put on display. But when art is stolen, well, you really can’t show it to anyone. That probably didn’t matter to El Chapo, however, since he had a stolen art collection in his home/compound worth millions of dollars. Some of them were purchased on the black market while others may have been stolen directly. Either way, it seems that Guzman may not have been as interested in appreciating the art as he was in using them as investment pieces, in case he ran into a cash shortage. Unfortunately for him, this raid left him without cash and without his backup plan: the stolen art collection.

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