Best 15 Places in the World for Spectacular Wedding Photos

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#3. Dominican Republic

Not a far trip for those living in North American, Dominican Republic does not require significant time zone adjustments for the wedding party and guests. The best times of year for a wedding in the Dominican Republic are in the winter, between November and April. Take a romantic barefoot walk on the over 300 miles of soft, white sandy beach. The colorful Caribbean culture offers rich heritage, festive music, and beautiful flowers. Amazing beach sunsets provide the perfect backdrop for stunning wedding photos. (Note that paperwork for weddings here may need to be completed up to six months in advance.)


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#4. Bahamas

You’ve said yes, he’s put a ring on it, and now you’re thinking of the Bahamas. A great way to begin this life-long adventure is on the powder-white sand beaches on the Bahamas. Nestled up next to the clearest turquoise water you can dream of, your wedding party and guests will happily join in the Bahamas for several days of wedding bliss. Choose a casual beach setting or a grand, formal celebration, or anything in between. Your wedding photos in the Bahamas will be filled with lush greenery, palm trees, the bluest of waters, and the whitest of beaches.
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