Best 15 Places in the World for Spectacular Wedding Photos

How exciting to be planning a wedding! But sometimes the details (and massive guest list) of a local wedding can be overwhelming. And a DIY wedding? Forget about it—too much trouble! Or maybe you live in a place that would offer photo opportunities that are less than enticing. A great way to overcome these concerns is to plan a destination wedding for a few close friends and relatives. Organize all of the details through a local resort or wedding planner who will provide an entire package. Plus, the photos ops alone for some of these destinations make it absolutely worth the trip.

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#1. Mallorca, Spain

The beauty of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands of Spain simply can’t be denied. With quaint mountain villages, lovely vineyards, sunny beaches, and chic marinas, this island offers a myriad of opportunities for tucked away weddings. Choose a small, boutique hotel in the rolling hills of the countryside, a small wedding in a private mansion, or a grand hotel in a bohemian village with stunning mountain views. Mallorca is easily accessible by airlines and has a great range of affordability for various tastes.
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#2. Mauritius

Find yourself in paradise on the Indian Ocean for your wedding! Surrounded by tranquil beaches, captivating volcanic landscapes, and incredible stretches of white sand. The island is filled with enjoyable entertainment for your guests to enjoy. Choose beautiful, lush gardens or a secluded beach for your ceremony location, and include the island’s famous mouth-watering French cuisine for your reception fare. Photos may include beach locations with the bluest skies or a villa with African influences. The options are endless.


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