Life Hacks: Immortalize Your Photos in Wood. Don’t Miss Out On This Epic Life Hack!

Memories of fond times are what keep most of us going. They carry us through the rough spots of life, and help us remember the good ol’ days of yore.

With the technology of today it’s possible to show off all your pics on a variety of mediums. We’ve got everything from t-shirts and shoes, to coffee mugs and dishes. Well, add wood to that list now as this video shows us a new epic way to easily transfer a paper photo to a wooden surface. They’ll look great at home, but they might make for an ever better holiday gift.

The best thing about this video is just how insanely easy it is to copy. You’ll need some Modge Podge, gel dedium, a sponge, your photo of choice, and of course a block of wood. Make sure to also pick up some top quality paper while you’re at it.

Now that you’ve got your supplies, check out this video and follow along. This easy photo hack is pretty epic, and truly not to be missed.


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Source : Crystal Hethcote Via YouTube

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