These 20 Photos Will Bring Back Your Childlike Faith in the Human Race—You Have to Take a Look!

Even if you’ve lived a rough life and your attitude has become jaded, taking a look at these amazing photos of the way the human kindness is shown can be a remedy! If you long to believe that there is good in the world and hope for the future, these moments captured on film will turn you from a cynic into a lover of people. And they will likely make you feel the urge to “pay it forward” as well.





Disabled Marathon Runner Gets Aid from Competitor. Jacqueline Kiplimo from Kenya gave up her first place finish in the race to offer water to a Chinese runner.



Baby Lamb Rescued from Drowning in Norway. These two guys weren’t going to let the ocean claim the life of this little lamb, so they sacrificed their own safety to rescue it. And succeeded!




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