Photographer Captures Images Of Animals Who’ve Accepted Their Disabilities With A Smile

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Most people overlook special needs pets when it comes to adopting. The first to go out of many shelters are puppies or dogs that have all of their limbs. Thankfully, more and more people are realizing that pets who need a little extra care always have a little extra love to give. Alex Cearns has set about showing the world how perfect imperfect pets can be.

Alex Cearns is an especially talented photographer who has taken it upon herself to change the way we view pets who are “imperfect”. An award-winning photographer, Cearns has the ability to photograph these animals in ways that many people haven’t seen before. Each photograph shows every dog’s distinct and delightful personality.

Animals with disabilities, or ones who just look a little funny, often get left behind in shelters. Dogs that had once been whole, but became “imperfect”, are sometimes left behind as well – in shelters or on the side of the road. In her book, Perfect Imperfections, Cearns shows a multitude of portraits of dogs that have everything from lost eyes, to prosthetic limbs, to tripods and wheelchairs. Cearns decides to showcase animals that others tend to overlook, to prove that they have just as much spunk and personality as all the other pets.

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For anyone who has ever felt a special bond with a dog, Perfect Imperfections puts on paper just how special dogs with disabilities and special needs really are. Meet just some of the special dogs that made their way into Cearns’ book.

More info: Alex Cearns, Facebook



Aryah may have only one eye, but she is still looking for love, treats, and belly rubs.


Ruben and Keisha

Ruben and Keisha are a pair of hot wheels and won’t slow down.


Bali Pip

Bali Pip may have no fur but he’s cute as can be. This mangy pup is still living his best life.



Despite the wheels, Raul looks as charming as his name suggests.



Jakk may have some funky legs, but he makes up for it in cuteness.



Dott doesn’t need two eyes to see that she’s got the whole world eating out of her paw.


Lady Bug

This fashionable pup has her own sweater that lets everyone know how special she is. With her fun haircut, you can’t even tell!



While his namesake may be an acquired taste, Vegemite the dog is cute enough for everyone to love. Just look at that pose!



No fur? No problem. Oompah is showing everyone that you can still look your best when you’ve got some bald spot.


Polly’s Puppies

If you’ve got to go through the hard times, these playful pups prove that you should never go through them alone.



Even though Bandit here is scarred up, he’s still as can be handsome. Never judge a pup by his cover.



Jessie won’t let her back legs stop her from charging right ahead and loving life.



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