Parents will be forced to pay if their child is a bully

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If your child can’t be nice, you will pay the price.

More than 6,000 deaths per year, for individuals ages 15-24, are a result of bullying-related

suicides. Very rarely, the victim isn’t even in grade school yet.

A Wisconsin town is trying to prevent bullying by holding the parents accountable for their child bullying someone else.

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Today, many adults, consider bullying “just part of being a kid,” despite the fact that there are victims.

Bullying can lead victims to depression, lack of motivation to attend school and suicide.

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Shawano City Council just passed an ordinance that will allow for police intervention during a bullying situation.

The law applies to anyone who is under the age of 18 and is involved in bullying. The offense could be anything from taking lunch money to cyberbullying on social media.

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The parents will be warned after the first incident, but if the behavior is not changed within 90 days, the parents will be given a $366 fine. As a result of the second offense, or more, they will be charged a $681 fine.

The ordinance has brought controversy between some moms and dads, though. Critics have brought up that there is a difference between playful banter on the playground and harmful comments on social media. The critics fear that the playful banter might be misunderstood.

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Critics also mentioned that this monetary punishment could negatively affect families that are already struggling financially.

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“This isn’t generated towards the kids being kids, some playground banter. This is the person that is meticulously using social media or saying things that are vulgar in an attempt to hurt,” said Police Chief Mark Kohl.

The downside of this ordinance, is there are no guarantees that this will work.

“Ordinances that fine parents for children’s bullying haven’t been carefully studied,” Dr. Steven Meyers, a clinical psychologist said.

“Programs that are effective in curbing bullying are much more comprehensive and ideally are preventative,” he said.

Current policies and procedures on bullying at Shawano School district include the following:

  • Bullying can be reported using the Bullying Incident Form. This form can be obtained from the office or through an informal report to a staff member or parent, who will then communicate with the school.
  • The school district believes everyone should be and feel safe at school. Any bullying situations will be addressed with full attention end expediency.
  • The Shawano School district takes bullying very seriously.
  • The student services at Shawano school district informs every student of what bullying is, what to do if it occurs and how to prevent it.

Some parents are embracing the idea of the punishment, while other parents are still disagreeing that it will work.

While there are consequences, it will still be up to the parent ultimately to discipline the child, based on their financial punishment. Do you think it will actually make a difference?

Some children might be losing their Christmas money to bullying this year, if they don’t straighten up.

Parents of bullies – be aware. Your children might start costing you a lot more money.

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