Top 15 Inspiring New Natural Hairstyles

Hair in all styles and forms is beautiful. Whether you love to rock a long extension every now and then, or you prefer a more natural style, it’s all in your hands. Or your stylist’s hands for that matter. Hair is a tricky subject for most people. Some love there’s, some hate it at times, but those who like to wear their hair natural are great at projecting their own flair. Hair that is uniquely theirs alone. Here are the top 15 inspiring new natural hairstyles that are taking the world by storm, in style.

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#1 Twisty Curls

Natural twisty curls look great on medium length to long hair. You’ll love the compliments you’ll get on this fun style.

How To Style: After you apply your styling product from roots to ends, you want to twist each individual piece into a long curl form. Do this all over your head until you have all the twisty curls you desire.

Recommended Products: Keep hair hydrated with a terrific styling cream like Big Hair Beauty Moisture Me Whipped Butter ($15).

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Any face shape can wear this versatile style with ease. A hydrated hair type is going to hold the curl best.


#2 A Modern Mohawk

This slightly punk style is loads of fun to wear. Plus it’s not so “out there” as a true mohawk where the sides are shaved.

How To Style: The sides of your hair are braided up to mimic the look of a shaved head. Then you let it flow free upwards to form the modern mohawk style. Use a styling product that will give you some hold to your natural mohawk.

Recommended Products: Keep your mohawk in place with Paul Mitchell Extra-Body Finishing Spray ($16).

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Great for a round face to make it more angular to enhance the cheekbones. Any hair type can utilize this fun style.


#3 The Dread Chignon

A combination of classic dreadlocks with a modern chignon is a look that can go from day to night with style.

How To Style: Style your dreadlocks as you normally would. Then take a few bobby pins to secure your classic chignon twist in place at the back of your head. Next spray with a shine mist to secure any loose hairs into place.

Recommended Products: Smooth any flyaways with Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Oil Intensive Shine Mist ($14).

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Great for a heart or square shaped face to highlight your bone structure. Any hair type can enjoy this style as long as it’s the right length to be pulled all the way back.

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