Miracle of 3D Printing Allows Blind Mom to See Her Unborn Baby


Over the last few decades, ultrasound pictures have been a great way for pregnant parents to see their babies prior to when they are born. However, up until now, most women who have been blind during pregnancy just had to wait until the baby was born to be able to touch, and therefore “see”, their babies’ faces. But all of that has changed!




Tatiana Guerra is a pregnant woman from Brazil who is blind, but that hasn’t stopped her from “seeing” an image of her unborn son, Murilo. With 3D printing technology available today, Tatiana was overcome by emotion when she was able to feel a 3D printout of her baby, with the words “I am your son” written in Braille letters. This was thanks to Huggies Brazil who sponsored the project.



The advances in today’s technology have not only given the world many scientific opportunities, but they’ve also made this one pregnant mother very emotional and happy! As you can see in the photos and video, Tatiana is looking forward to meeting her baby. But until then, she has this 3D “Photo” to look at while she waits.


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Source : huggiesbrasil Via YouTube

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