15 Makeup Mistakes That Make You Look Older

In today’s society we are constantly searching for the next best thing, or the so called “fountain of youth”. Without realizing it, the cosmetic things that are aging us, are simply our methods and techniques. All too often we want to go with the latest trends, whether or not they actually complement our skin tones, face types, etc. Just because celebrities say a product or trend works for them, doesn’t mean that it is the answer to your problems.

Young, fresh, and plump skin starts with moisturizing. A light application of makeup is all you need, and a little goes a long way. Looking refreshed, hydrated, and awake is the end goal. This cannot happen by layering on concealers, foundations, and powders all at once. If you can take a step back and apply cautiously, and with these common mistakes in mind, you will be the best version of yourself!

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#1. The newest beauty trend “baking” that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist started, is a big no-no

Caking on layers, or any little bit of powder for that matter, makes all of your fine lines extremely visible, and it doesn’t wear well throughout the day. Don’t use powder of any type on your face, except for blush, or else it will just make you look drawn and tired within an hour. Cake-face is always a dull look, no matter what the current trend is. If you want to look younger, you need to have a face that looks hydrated.

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#2. Not wearing blush OR wearing too much

Blush is a great thing, in moderation. Light hues work best, and you may be surprised, but a super light baby pink works wonders on all skin tones. Peach is also a great blush hue, and just enough will make you look younger and glowing. Nars ‘Sex Appeal’ is a great soft peach color. Just add a few taps to each cheek, and remember, less is more!


#3. Put down the black eyeliner ASAP

Using a dark, especially black, eyeliner on either the top of your eyelid or the waterline area, closes and dates your entire face. By lining your eyes with a dark color, you are making them look smaller and more tired. Instead, take a white colored eyeliner, such as Make Up For Ever’s ‘Matte White 2k’, and only line the inside waterline of your lower lids. This way your eyes will pop and you will instantly look 20x fresher and more awake.

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#4. Doing your makeup in a dimly lit room, and even worse NOT blending it

Everything and everyone looks better in the dark, and this definitely applies to your makeup look. So while you may think you look amazing, leave the dark bathroom, step into the light near a window, hold a mirror up and check your face. Chances are your makeup may look cakey, dark, and uneven. Go back to the bathroom and wash off your face (yes, we know this sucks but it is necessary) and re-apply with a light hand, and of course make sure to fully blend in your makeup.


#5. Not using the right tools

The right tools make all the difference. It is important to either use a Beauty Blender or a foundation brush when applying any concealer or foundation. Blush you can also use a brush, and then blend the edges with a beauty blender so there are no harsh lines. The right tools allow you to properly blend your makeup, which is super important for a baby face look.


#6. Contouring Your Face

Contouring your face is usually done to create a more mature, shaded and sculpted face. Plump and round faces are much more juvenile, and therefore strategically contouring darker shades on your face is going to age you by years. You don’t want to close up your face, you want it to appear energized and awake. Everyone may be hopping on the contouring bandwagon, but this look worst best on younger women trying to achieve a more dramatic look.


#7. Wearing Matte lipstick

Matte lipstick is one of the hottest trends, and you may be tempted to try it, however matte lipstick is an instant ager. Matte lipstick, or also trending is matte lip-gloss, may go on smooth, but it dries hard. This results in an older, wrinkled looking lip. Instead, always opt for gloss if you are trying to achieve that youthful look.


#8. Using a lipstick that is too dark for your skin

Wearing anything dark on your face never makes you look younger. A darker lipstick appears more goth, and does the opposite of refreshing your face. A vibrant red color that compliments your skin tone is nice, decide whether you are warm, cool, or neutral; and of course a pinky-nude always goes with anything. MAC Cosmetics has a broad range of reds and lighter colors, suitable for any complexion. Wearing the right lipstick shade is a game changer.


#9. Skipping mascara, and not curling your eyelashes

Mascara can be an easy thing to overlook, however it is a vital part to looking dramatically younger. If you want to look even more vibrant, add a nude-ish barely there beige color to your eyelids, and voilà, you will instantly lose 10 years off of your face! Large, open eyes, always look more modern.


#10. Clumping your mascara

Your instincts tell you to load on the mascara, but two light coats are all you really need. Chunky, clumpy mascara ages you and often winds up falling down your face, spreading black specks everywhere. This makes your eye area look dark and tired. One to two coats will give you that younger look. Anything more looks like you are trying too hard and looks messy.


#11. Filling in your eyebrows too harshly and with too dark of a color

Young people generally don’t fill in their eyebrows. Therefore, you should go for a youthful look, nothing too harsh or forced. Use a shade lighter than your actual hair color and apply with a light hand. Doing so will create a feather-like effect, and err on the thicker side. Thin, dark, and harsh looking eyebrows are the opposite of a youthful look.


#12. False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are rarely a good look. Most of the time they are just messy, uber fake looking, and aging you. Like we mentioned earlier, one to two coats of mascara is all you need to brighten and open up your eyes. Falsies may seem like a good idea, but in reality they are aging you by years.


#13. Skipping out on under eye cream

Under eye cream is an essential part to looking like a younger, more vibrant version of yourself. Shiseido ‘Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Intensive Eye Contour Cream’ is a miracle worker. Not only does it totally hydrate the skin under your eyes, it lessens the look of crow’s feet, reduces under eye wrinkles, bags, and dark circles. Brightening up the eye area brightens up your whole face, and it has the ability to take 10+ years off. Definitely invest in a good eye cream and you will start to see results fast!


#14. Using a foundation that is too dark for your skin tone

Tan is a good thing, but you should not be layering your entire face with a darker foundation than what color actually matches your neck. Use a foundation that matches the color on your neck, so you don’t have to blend down, and add a hint of blush afterwards, only to the cheek area. This may seem like a no-brainer, but many of us get too ambitious with makeup and we instantly age ourselves by thinking more is better.


#15. Applying too much concealer under your eyes

This is an all too common makeup mistake. Over-applying concealer under the eye area is a definite makeup mishap. This is going to age you, no matter what shade you are using. The concealer will build up, look cakey, and wear horribly. Instead, swipe on a thin layer of an illuminating concealer such as Dior’s ‘Flash Luminizer Radiance Booster Pen’ and you will be able to go about your day confidently and glowing. Remember, the eye area should always be light, bright, and well moisturized!

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