Magical Photos of Dogs! #3 will Surely Amaze You.

A photographer captures numerous beautiful photographs of man’s best friend. Alicja Zmyslowski’s love for dogs was the reason why she would take pictures of dogs and has taken it to a whole new level. There was magic with every photo that the outcomes look as though it were taken from a dream.

According to Alicja Zmyslowski, she’s been taking photographs of her 8 year old Golden Retriever since 2006 which led her to be fascinated with dog photography. The dog is her professional photo model while being her best friend off cam.

She also took photographs of three Border Collies, Madlene, Zie and Sorin that are owned by Patrycja Kowalczyk who runs MADsone Dog Training Center. She also explained that photography is more than just a hobby but an integral part of her life. We believe that is the reason why she’s able to take these amazing pictures.








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More of Alicja’s work at her website & Facebook.

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