Macro Photos of the Tiniest Wet Ladybugs—They Look Like They Stepped Out of a Fairy Tale!

Tomasz Skoczen brings clear some of the smallest picturesque forms of nature in these incredible photos. Following the little critters for years with his camera, the Irish photographer used his macro lens to shoot these ladybugs—sometimes known as ladybirds– wet with either rain or dew.

Although there are over 5,000 species of ladybugs in the world, most of these were collected from the photographer’s own backyard so they are likely from the same family. Skoczen insists that in order to create such a collection, it is vital to keep your eyes open and be observant to the tiny little world below your feet. So tiny and detailed, these photos of the little bugs in their surroundings almost don’t look real!

Source: Tomasz Skoczen


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