Loving Pup Drags His Blanket Outside So His Lonely Friend To Get Warm

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Age has little influence on kindness. Lana the puppy might only be eight months old, but she has a heart of gold and understand that a little compassion can go a very long way. Lana hadn’t always lived happily in a loving family home with Suelen Schaumloeffel and her fiancé.

Before being rescued in Brazil and finding her way to this forever home, Lana lived out on the streets with her siblings. You’d think that struggling to survive under these conditions would have caused Lana to be shrewd with what she has, but of course, this is far from the case, and this precious pup has always been loving and kind.

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It was a rather cool night out when Lana’s Mommy Suelen tucked her into bed in her little dog house, providing her with a nice thick blanket for additional warmth. As she gave the pup a good night pat on the head, Suelen had no idea that Lana wouldn’t be spending that long in her dog house, or that she’d sacrifice her coziness for someone in need.

The next morning, when Suelen’s fiancé stepped out of the front door to head to work, he caught sight of what was unfolding outside and stopped right in his tracks. He could hardly believe his eyes – but when he told Suelen about it, she was far from surprised.

Lana had spotted a stray dog wandering around outside in the night, and she had dragged her blanket out of her little dog house and taken it across the yard to the newcomer. She slipped part of the blanket under the fence and shared it with the other dog so he could also stay warm!

According to Suelen, this isn’t the first time she’s seen this stray dog. When she first saw him, she tried to approach him to see if he had a tag on, but he’d been so frightened that he’d run away the moment she came too close. Suelen was so touched by Lana’s generosity and thought the little puppy’s actions were beautiful, and it reminded her of the importance of giving, sharing, and selflessness.

Since this lovely and heartwarming incident, Suelen and her fiancé have been watching carefully as this wonderful relationship and friendship between Lana and this mystery dog has strengthened. Although the dog in question is still too scared to let them come close, they hope that they will be able to help him soon.

They’re unsure if he’s lost or a stray, but whatever the case, they want to help him get back home or find a new one – or even taken him in themselves! They know that this is what Lana would want, and what she would do if she were human.

Suelen considers Lana the nicest, sweetest pup she’s ever met, and that the puppy reminds her of how much of a difference we can make in another person’s life.

Lana’s beautiful actions and decision to leave the comfort and warmth of her dog house all to share the warmth with a less fortunate dog is so inspiring! That selflessness is one we hope to replicate in our own lives and actions. She’s an incredible, amazing dog indeed!



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