Single Mother of Four Wins A $188 Million Lottery and Gets Taken to Court By Local Pastor

It’s incredible what a simple number match on a Power ball ticket can grant someone. Such is the case with Marie Holmes, who completely unexpectedly became a millionaire overnight. It was the day that changed her life for much better and way worse. For all the money she received, she also got to find out how abysmal people can be.

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The Needle In The Haystack

We can all but try to imagine what it feels like to win a Power ball. After all, the chances of winning it are around one in 180 million. Most people just participate out of habit, not hoping to actually win. Marie herself was another one of those unsuspecting Power ball regulars.

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The “Holy” Man

Kevin Matthews was the pastor from Marie’s church in the town of Shallotte, North Carolina. Being as religious as she is, Marie was frequently present in the institution. For her, being part of the local church was extremely important. Matthews referred to himself as “Christ’s warrior”, and the personal aid he gave Marie never made her doubt it.

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Her Life’s Greatest Victory

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In February 2015, Marie was just another abandoned housewife with children. As such, she was lacking financial resources most of all and needed a miracle to get her out of the situation. Her religiousness was always part of her unwavering hope, but that was all she had. Until, of course, she won $188 million.


Reaping The Fortune

Without any words to express her shock, Marie found out soon that she had 180 days to claim the reward. She had two choices, and neither was the worse option. She was able to either claim $127m instantly, or receive $188m over the course of 30 years. Overjoyed, she went for the second option.


Appropriate Styling

Marie was used to living at the edge of poverty, but her life had changed for the better, forever. Knowing that, she wanted to present herself in the best possible light when claiming the prize. She put on a white suit and the brightest smile she has ever had.


Anonymity, The Modern Myth

Expert psychologists and sociologists publicly advise lottery winners to keep a low profile. This way, they are supposed to avoid the unnecessary commotion and the occasional mid-class beggars. Marie herself was never a fan of too much attention, so she automatically heeded this tip.


The Spending Plan

As her fortunate name and visage traveled all across American television channels, the people started guessing what she was going to do with her fortune. After all, with $127 million, you can get everything you want and still have too much change. Where was Marie going to spend all that?


A Single Mother Of Four, Always

Marie never had to think twice about her future investments. She knew right away that her children will have everything they always wanted, from this point on. However, she was going to do it in a way that makes them appreciate money, and not just binge on the wealth.


Single, But Married To God

Marie’s deep connection with Christianity that had helped her throughout the years was also going to bloom. She was finally able to invest in Kevin’s church, by her own will. Kevin always listened to her and gave her advice, so she believed him to be rather selfless.


Repaying Her Fellow Americans

In order to thank everyone from the church, and Shallotte in that regard, Marie decided to donate. In total, she wanted to give a whole 10% of her reward, which was roughly 1.5 million. The money was to go into the funding of a retreat center, for those needing help the most.


The Big Kindness

By all means, Marie was the first person in the US to donate this much money to the church. There were other rich benefactors, most definitely so, but neither were even remotely this generous. Marie’s act displayed her true faith and incorruptible human decency.


From Poverty To Wealth

In just a single day, Marie went from being almost homeless to a hefty millionaire. At that point, she thought how her life couldn’t be any better, how things finally went her way. However, with great wealth comes great risk. Marie was too pure-hearted to even consider that fact.


The (Mis)Fortune

After donating the initial $700,000 of the $1,500,000 that she had promised, Matthews revealed his true colors. Someone as kind as Marie would never have thought that her biggest help in life could be evil. Pastor Matthews then proved her wrong, and sued her for false promises, resulting in a $10 million lawsuit.


Spoken Contract

It was later revealed that Kevin and Marie never actually signed any papers to confirm the amount. She donated $700.000 initially, after which he decided to sue her instantly. As he claims, he started some projects that required the money she first promised. Without it, they all supposedly crumbled.


The Money Sickness

According to Matthews, the consequences of Marie’s “big lie” left an emotional scar on his psyche. Hence, he had to take more anti-anxiety and anti-stress medication, which made his health deteriorate. In his opinion, it was someone on the side that just butted in and told her to cut her donation down.


A Pastor’s Word vs. A Millionaire’s

Suddenly, this “Warrior of Christ” was all about money. He kept saying that all he wants is for Marie to honor her word so that he could continue doing “the Lord’s good work”. Luckily for the honorable millionaire, the people of his church understood the discrepancies in what he was saying.


A Whole New Pastor

Literally, nobody from Kevin’s church thought him capable of being this greedy. Matthews was well-adored among all of his churchgoers as one of the best people they know. That all changed soon enough, as his real motive made the national TV. Suddenly, a kind promise turned into an all-out war.


The Mansion

Marie chose to settle in her new home, a large beautiful house on a plantation. According to her words, she needed some space for her children to play in. Some TV hosts reported that this plantation still holds the spirit of slavery and that she will never be happy there.


A Victor’s Numerology

In a reality TV show, Marie’s mother revealed another truth about the winning ticket. Something nobody ever suspected was finally admitted publicly. The numbers weren’t even close to random. They were in fact very special, and they all had deep meaning and purpose. Marie was shocked yet again.


The Family Legacy

Marie’s mother was, in fact, the one that bought the Powerball ticket. Marie gave her 15$ for it as she was heading to church. Little did she know that those numbers appeared in her mother’s dreams. The birthday of Marie’s lost brother and his age in 2015 were both on the ticket.


Safety Measurements

One of the things that Powerballers should keep in mind is the safety and legitimacy of their ticket. Upon purchase, it needs to be signed so as to confirm the buyer’s identity. Then, it should be stored in a very safe place, just in case it contains the winning numbers.


After The Big Win

The way Marie seemed at first, nobody thought she would eventually begin wasting her money. In a manner of seeing it, she did exactly that. However, her children were and still are her number one priority. At least in that regard, she can remain certain she did the right thing.


The Bad Luck Continues

One would think that a woman this wealthy would stop spending her time with criminals. However, the father of Marie’s youngest daughter, Lamarr, still had a relationship with her. It turns out that, after the lawsuit, she was still losing money. Most of it, however, went on bailing him from prison.


The Three Punishments

LamarrMcDow never seemed to appreciate Marie’s sacrifice. The first time she bailed him, he was arrested for drug possession. Then she bailed him again for breaking trial conditions, and one more time for street racing. That sums up to a whopping $21 million, aside from all the expensive gifts he got.


The Purchased Allegiance

In a public interview, Marie’s boyfriend stated that he’s not using her at all. Simply, she just wants to defend her man and stand up for him. He said he would’ve done exactly the same if he were in her shoes, and that people are plainly jealous.


Questionable Motives

Many people went as far as to wonder what McDow’s true intentions are. Considering Marie’s newfound wealth, the public had a solid reason to think so. However, Lamarr said that they were dating for two years preceding the Powerball win and that he was there for her ever since.


The Deceit And Treachery

At some point after Lamarr’s jail scandals, another problem surfaced for Marie. This time, it wasn’t of criminal nature, but adulterous instead. It turned out that a woman called Lorna Marlowe was Lamarr’sother girlfriend for a while. Leaked data later showed that Marie kept calling Marlowe and asking her to stop seeing McDow.


Love And Regret

As McDow is about to go to jail yet again, Marie feels quite disheartened. Even though she is a strong mother of four, she still wants help raising her children. What makes the matter worse for her is that her own father did some jail time back in his day.


The Uncertain Future

Marie is now unsure as to what will happen to her family. Lamarr is to go to jail for seven years, and she intends to marry him once he’s out. However nice that may sound, Lamarr has another 3 children from his previous marriages. Marie is worried about the eventual custody of her own children.

Satisfying Dissatisfaction

As psychologists and other experts reveal, lottery winners eventually end up where they began, emotionally. While the initial effect of winning the lottery is an incredible mood boost, it eventually wears off. What remains are the new life standards to which they become accustomed and stop appreciating their situation.


The Lottery Effect

Studies show that, even though we know our chances of winning are practically inexistent, we still participate. We do this because our brains are naturally optimistic, and can trick us into thinking that we might win. This is the main reason why lotteries have massive success all over the world.


Reappearing Doubts

Recent hush-hush online reveals that Marie might not be the actual owner of the Powerball ticket. In fact, some of her relatives say that she took her grandmother’s ticket and signed her name on it. As we explained before, ownership is meaningless without the signature, meaning Marie may have stolen her fortune.


Within The Bloodline

According to Marie’s relative, dramatic love affairs are part of the entire Holmes family. In the video that she posted on YouTube, she explains one of the unfortunate relationship outcomes. Allegedly, one of Marie’s cousins was left by her husband for another Holmes cousin. As compensation for her stress, Marie offered to buy her a car.


A Mother’s Fight

At some point, this poor single mother had to quit her education. Brayden, Charisma, Andrea, and Ebony were the four joys of her life that required resources to sustain. To top it off, Brayden has cerebral palsy and needs special attention. Marie worked numerous shifts in Walmart and McDonald’s to feed and raise her children.


The Lone Warrior

In spite of being with men that produced her children for a time, Marie did everything by herself. The father of her first three children broke contact with her after high-school, even. As for the fourth child, her father was also rarely present. It’s safe to say that Marie was always self-sustained and independent.


The Gradual Loss

Another range of studies proves that numerous lottery winners end up being poorer than ever. Simply put, they choose to just spend and not invest, which results in eventual bankruptcy. Another fact is that they often retire from familial activities and end up abusing various opiates.


Fortune Matters Little

In spite of the fact, people think money would change them for the better, that’s often not true. Actually, the amount of money someone has is as valuable as their stability. Marie is a prime example of an unstable lottery winner, and her mental struggle was well depicted on screen.


The Parent Bond

In more than a few interviews with both Marie and her mother, Fontella, it turned out her childhood was difficult. Marie was often mistreated by her parents, as well as her siblings. In spite of that, she sent her children to live with their grandmother in Seattle upon winning the lottery.


Not By The Book

It’s a little bit contradictory that a devout Christian like Marie took part in the lottery. As the religion itself propagates, lotteries are as much a gamble as poker. In order to participate in one, the Lord’s child needs to spend their money on pure luck. Basically, that’s as good as throwing it away.


The Big Help

IyanlaVanzant is a famous author and TV persona who decided to aid Marie with improving her life. “Fix My Life” is Iyanla’s own reality show, where she invited Marie and offered emotional guidance. The host stated that Marie’s lack of self-esteem and overall wisdom is to blame for her bad decisions.


Advising Is Advised

Experts say that every lottery winner needs to instantly find a good lawyer or financial advisor. Having a professional like this at one’s side can greatly reduce the responsibility and stress of such wealth. However, the majority of the lucky ones don’t consider this fact and simply run head-first into it.

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