Creative Mom Redesigns Ikea Bed–for Family of 7!

Inspired by the co-sleeping they often used to do on family trips, Elizabeth Boyce worked out a creative solution to family sleeping problems. With five children and her disabled husband to think of, Boyce got tired of her family members lacking in sleep as the kids always wandered into their parents’ room and slept on the floor. Although many people in the rest of the world are pretty critical, the Boyce family is extremely happy with the way everything is working out for getting some Zzzz’s.

Because of dad’s disability, he is in and out of the hospital, which is hard on the kids. And with mom’s erratic work schedule, the kids just seem to sleep better when they are all together.

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#1 The family used two loft-style Ikea beds, two 2x4s with white panel boards, and some 2x4s, a full sized mattress, three twin sized mattresses, and a short toddler mattress.


#2 Built-ins include curtains, twinkle lights, and shelves to house necessities such as phones, books, or sippy cups.


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