Watch What Happens When This Homeless Man Gets $100. What He Did With The Money Will Touch Your Heart.

A social experiment was conducted by Youtube star Josh Paler Lin which involves giving a homeless man a $100 to check what he’ll do with it. He handed the bill to a man only known by the name Thomas. Paler Lin followed the homeless man in secret and found him getting inside a liquor store.

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Of course, that’s not the surprising part of the story. What amused Paler Lin was what Thomas brought out the store and what the homeless man did next. He bought food from the store then gathered with other homeless people and shared the food he bought with them. Automatically, my faith in humanity was restored upon seeing this.

According to the Youtube star, he wasn’t expecting this from Thomas and he was glad to capture Thomas’ act which made it the most amazing experience he has in the channel.

Indeed, we could say that this is truly a selfless act that deserves recognition. The homeless man shared what he has to others even if what he has is limited.

Josh Paler Palin approaches a homeless man and hands him a hundred dollars in the streets of LA. He has a reason doing this, though.

Thomas was so grateful to Paler Lin that he breaks down as he hugged him.

Thomas went inside the liquor mart. Well, we know what to expect when the person comes in this place.

Thomas gets out of the store carrying a bag which may contain anything.

In the Park, Thomas shares what’s inside the bag to the rest of the homeless people there.

He even gives food to a family who is also in the park.

The whole story was caught on camera and this video will truly inspire you. See how this homeless man shared what he had to other people.


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Source : JoshPalerLin Via YouTube

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