Science Does The Impossible: One Young Girl Hears For the First Time. Don’t Miss This Incredible Moment!

Maggie Gleason
Maggie Gleason

Maggie Gleason, 14 years old, was born with a wide variety of health problems, and difficulties to face. She had weak kidneys and lungs, a cleft palate, her heart stopped twice soon after birth, and she was completely lacking cochleas.

Cochleas are small snail-shaped bones in the inner ear that allow us to hear. Without them, Maggie had no hope of ever even hearing her name.

Well, recently discoveries in medicine are granting her that incredible chance. In a 10-hour surgery at Ohio University Case Medical Center, Maggie was fitted with the new auditory brain stem implant.

The implant sounds like something right out of science fiction. It is implanted directly into the brainstem, and bypasses the ear completely. It allows sound to be translated into electrical impulses through skin contact, and then to be processed in the brain.

“Maggie, can you hear me?” The scenes was an emotional one as Maggie nodded to her father’s question.

Make sure to watch this incredible video of mind bending science, and heartwarming love.


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Source : USA TODAY Via YouTube

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