9 Things Your Fingers Have to Say about Your Personality

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Take a look at your hands and your fingers. Look carefully at your palms, the backs of your hands, your fingers. What do you see?

I’ve always had long fingers and it has often come in handy for getting certain things done. Thumb wars? No problem. Piano playing? A cinch.  But besides being able to reach things with my fingers that others can’t, I’ve often wondered what the length and placement of my fingers might actually mean (besides the genetic factor that my long fingers and toes look a lot like my dad’s.)

The makeup of your fingers and hands can tell you a lot about your personality. Scientists suspect it may be related to the exposure of hormones during development. In any case, let’s take a look at the different hand structures that can point to your natural personality.

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#1. The Bold One.

The configuration of your fingers, particularly in relationship to the index finger and ring finger, can determine personality traits. A person who has an index finger that is longer than their ring finger often comes across as confident and self-assured.

These types of people may often come across as stubborn or unwilling to back down, which can be seen as positive or negative traits depending on the situation. Filled with an adventurous nature and bravery, Bold and Confident people don’t wait for things to happen. Instead, they make things happen in their lives, driving each day with a sense of daring bravery.

People who are bold and confident may make good entrepreneurs, chief executives, art directors and chefs. From a personal standpoint, self-confident people often think positively, surround themselves with others who think like they do, are willing to face their fears, and take good care of themselves from a practical standpoint. Making new friends may be difficult for bold and confident people, simply because their actions can feel cocky or intimidating to others.


#2. The Harmonizer.

When the pinky finger just reaches the joint on the ring finger but doesn’t go past, this implies a sense of balance in your personality. Mellow and mild, these folks are often easy-going, simple to please, and take life as it comes. Nothing is too weird or filled with crisis to get these harmonizers worked up about. It just seems like nothing ruffles their feathers.

Career-wise, harmonizers may fit well in situations that require keeping a cool head in difficult situations, possibly even an air traffic controller. Their calm personality means that harmonizers may do well working with natural fields such as biology, forestry, geoscience, or chemical engineering. Software development, counseling, and data analysis may also be an effective career choice for these laid back humans.

From a personal standpoint, this mellow personality may come across as uncaring or cold. But getting to know a harmonizer slowly reveals an inner warmth that simply takes a bit of patience to reveal. Once this secret tenderness is revealed, harmonizers can offer balance when in relationship with passionate people, keeping them a bit more grounded than they might otherwise be.


#3. The Zealot.

Passion is in ample supply for people who have long pinky fingers that reach above the first joint on the ring finger. For these zealous ones, nothing is done half-heartedly. Whether school, jobs, relationships, or otherwise, these people seem to have an unending drive and devotion to whatever they tend to fall in love with.

People who have a strong sense of passion and enthusiasm are often effective in sales positions because their excitement is contagious and makes other people want to join in. Plus, they absolutely thrive on setting and meeting goals! Other jobs for these people may include public relations, executive management, teaching, coaching, or marketing. Their desire to be the center of attention might make them excellent actors, musicians, or other performers.

Zealots tend to be attractive to others because their enthusiasm and bright spirit tends to draw people in. On the other hand, this can backfire when the ardor becomes so intense that it can act as a turnoff to others who aren’t quite ready for it. This may be especially true in romantic relationships.


#4. The Quiet Go-Getter.

Take a look at where your pinky fits in relationship to your ring finger. If it doesn’t quite reach to the top knuckle of your ring finger, then you probably fit into this category of a silent but strong achiever. Originally seen as shy, these go-getters often just take a bit of time to loosen up. Once they find a sense of trust and intimacy, these quiet ones can turn into bold people who are willing to take a stand.

As dreamers, quiet go-getters who are willing to make their voice heard can often achieve much in their careers. People in this category can make great writers, philosophers, designers, researchers, or psychologists. Just because these folks are quiet doesn’t mean they don’t like people. But they may do better when they work with people they can get to know deeply rather than with the public. For instance, this might not be an ideal personality for an insurance salesman who has to meet new people every day.

Relationally, silent achievers make good friends if you’re willing to invest the time in getting to know them and helping them feel comfortable with you. Once they have a voice, these quiet achievers likely have a lot worth listening to.


#5. The Skeptic.

When you look at your thumb, if you see that the bottom half is longer than the top, then you are likely one of the most logical people in the world. In fact, you’re so logical that some people may find you to be lacking in emotions and a bit restrained, or even judgmental.

For these logical skeptics, the glass is almost never half full, but what is lacking is usually much more obvious. The good news is that these folks will likely be able to identify problems early on and can save a significant amount of time and money by using their keen eye for mistakes. Good careers for people who fall into this category may include book or magazine proofreaders or editors, quality control workers, law enforcement officers, detectives, researchers, scientists, journalists, or lab technicians.

Personally, skeptics may have difficulty opening themselves up to develop relationships at first. However, skeptics often gain trust because their friends know that they will tell them the truth without sugar coating it. Their decisions are grounded in logic and they live in the real world. They might not inspire you to dream, but they can probably keep you safe.


#6. The Charmer.

When the ring finger stretches longer than the index finger, this is also very telling. People with these types of finger traits often come across as charming, alluring, and basically just likeable. And although this may come along with physical attractiveness, the two are not necessarily related. The appeal of a charming person has more to do with their magnetic, lovable, charismatic personality that draws people in.

Some scientists have even indicated that people who have longer ring fingers tend to earn higher salaries than those with short ring fingers, which could have everything to do with the careers that they choose. Charmers often fit well in scientific and engineering fields due to their abilities to solve problems and work in a way that is practical. Charmers are great at overcoming obstacles, often have a lot of endurance. They may even be good at sports and math.

From a personal standpoint, charmers may have a great many acquaintances because they make everyone they are around feel really good. In contrast, it might be more difficult to for charmers to commit to a deeper friendship and or monogamous relationship. Women who are charmers may also be at higher risk of depression and anxiety.


#7. The Commander.

Taking action is easy for the person whose pinky finger is just about as long as their ring finger. If this is you, this uncommon hand trait offers insight into your personality. People with leadership and commanding skills work well under pressure to get the job done in any situation. In some cases, they actually feel energized from stressful situations instead of exhausted by them.

Career options for these ambitious leaders may include military positions, organizational leadership such as VP or senior management, politics, business director, law enforcement, or administration. Natural leadership can often result in a gathering of people who want to follow you in your passions.

Because their personalities may feel overpowering, leaders may sometimes find themselves lonely as they rise to the top. While leaders may be accustomed to being in charge at work, that may not be as effective when applied at home or in personal relationships. Learning to listen to the opinions of others without taking over can help to develop friendships and relationships in a more equal and beneficial manner.


#8. The Peacemaker.

When your ring finger and index finger are equal in height, this likely indicates that you are a person who is in balance. This means that you live in a way that is peaceful and avoiding of chaos. These calm, methodical, composed people are considered to be trustworthy and reliable by their friends, coworkers and family members.

Peacemakers have a comforting nature that tends to draw away from confrontation and avoid conflict as much as they can in their lives. Because of these characteristics, peacemakers are often well-liked and accommodating with a great many friends. On the other hand, their desire to avoid conflict may mean that peacemakers also spend less time going on adventures or experiencing life in an enterprising way because it may interrupt their peace and order.

From a career standpoint, peacemakers may make good social workers, therapists, life coaches, writers, and mediators. These people will want to avoid jobs that require aggression and risk, such as investment banking, startup businesses, or jobs involving a lot of travel. From a relationship standpoint, peacemakers are more likely to be married and committed to one partner. But they also may have a greater risk of depression or anxiety when things don’t go well.


#9. The Obsessive One.

When you look at your thumb, if the top half above the knuckle is longer than the bottom half toward your hand, then you might find yourself obsessing over that fact. People who have these types of thumbs have a tendency to contrive a laser-sharp focus on one thing. If you are a workaholic, then you thumb may be configured this way.

People who are obsessive about their passions may find certain careers work better than others for them. They may not function well in an environment that is lax or easy going. Instead, obsessive people may work well in rigid environments such as the military, financial business, proofreading and editing in the book industry, pharmaceuticals, or law enforcement. The detail orientation of this personality can work very well in job roles that are concrete and specific.

In personal relationships, if an obsessive one gets a target on another person this may actually become difficult and even detrimental to the friendship or marriage. People who fit into this category may need to learn how to relax and bit and let their focus move away from their relationship to make it less overpowering.

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