Someone Is Putting Up Hilarious Fake Posters Around The City

When the stage just wasn’t enough for Bolivian stand-up comedian Jason C. Saenz, he took to the streets of California to continue sharing his sense of humor with the world by covering lamps posts and walls with hilarious fake posters.

From fake posters calling all applicants interested in a career with Google to clever remarks about famous television shows, Saenz’s jokes will have you literally laughing out loud.

Have you had to do a double take at any of these on your own streets? Or maybe you are a comedian in the making and have some funny, fake poster ideas of your own? Don’t hesitate to give us all a good laugh in the comments!

For more of Saenz’s jokes, check out his Instagram.

But first, check out our 15 top favorites:

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#1 If politics are your thing, you might get a kick out of Saenz’s ode to Mexico!



#2 President Trump has been the victim of numerous jokes throughout the year, but we think this one makes it in the top!

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#3 Sometimes kid’s movies just make no sense, but this poster will have you questioning them yet again.



#4 They say it is all about punctuation…check out Saenz’s play on words.

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#5 Did you skip out on visiting the polls this year? Then this one’s for you.


#6 Poor guy, she left with his more than just his heart…


#7 Have you ever found yourself looking for your cell phone while you were holding it? You might can relate to his “Ah-ha” moment then…


#8 Is your animal full of uncertainty? This guy can relate.


#9 If Google sounds like the workplace for you, check out how easy it is to apply!


#10 If you already though Saenz had lost his mind, just wait until you see this…


#11 If you are looking for a new employee, Sean Spicer is available.


#12 “You can’t see me, I’m John Cena!”


#13 Desperate times call for desparate measures.


#14 Don’t get too excited by this oxymoron!


#15 Looking for a quick workout? This sign has you covered.

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