These Dog Owners Have Mastered Fitting Their Big Dogs into a Bag for a Ride on the NYC Subway

The Big Apple announced that all dogs are banned from riding the subway unless they fit into a bag or carrier. A backpack, sling, or a cute shoulder bag are great options for small or even medium sized dogs…

But, who says the big dogs have to stay at home?

New York dog owners are refusing to keep their big dogs off the subway, so instead, they have mastered the art of training even the biggest dogs to ride happily in a duffle bag or backpack.

Do you have a big dog at home? Consider trying some of their methods so that your fur pal can still tag along!

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#1 Who says a big dog can’t fit in small spaces? Even they can suck in a little!


#2 This might just be the most well-mannered pit bull you have ever seen…

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#3 IKEA truly has something for everyone… Introducing the new IKEA dog carrier.


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#4 Just please, don’t let me fall…


#5 I think pink is my best color!

#6 Does this bag bring out my eyes?


#7 You’re going to miss the subway if you don’t look in the right direction!



#8 I think I will just chill back here…


#9 Even I can be a small dog for a day.


#10 No job is too big for my owner. Desperate times call for desperate measures.



#11 This bag is actually quite warm and comfortable.


#12 Don’t mind me, I’ll just be down here chilling…in my bag…


#13 I’m almost invisible in all this luggage, right? This is how I roll, now.


#14 As if Monday wasn’t complicated enough, now I have to travel in a bag.


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