Dogs May Be Man’s Best Friend, But This Dog’s Loyalty Is Beyond Human

Ever wondered how and why dogs are so loyal? I mean, where does all their compassion actually come from? Every small act performed around the house seems to be one that only a being with empathy and intellect would achieve.

Well, once you watch this video, your world will be changed forevermore. It gives us a great example of the way does carry a deep-rooted code of kindness and morality within themselves. In this footage, you’ll see a dog become Good Samaritan as it drags another dog out of danger. It was in the middle of the street unconscious after getting hit by a car when the “good dog” came to the rescue.

People passed by the poor, little hurt dog. Not one stopped to help. It took the bravery of another dog to risk its own life to save his newfound friend by walking onto a busy motorway. Now, what does this say about the ethics and morality of humans in comparison to this stray dog?

This video was shot by a surveillance camera as the rescuer trotted through speeding cars to pull the injured dog to safety. The poor thing had been fatally hit by a car before being pulled out of traffic.

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