10 Mistakes All Women Should Avoid When Dating In Their 40s

Let’s get one thing straight: dating can be the worst. The entire ordeal of actually meeting someone and getting to know them is enough to start an anxiety attack in the worst way. Good news is that it actually gets easier with age!

By the time a woman turns 40, she’s comfortable in the skin she’s in. It’s not like in our 20s when we sometimes find ourselves dating amidst trying to study, build a career, explore the world, and generally figure out who we are as a person. At this point in their life, most women have already identified what they like and dislike in terms of interests, hobbies, and of course, a life partner. They already know what they’re looking for in a relationship and have thought about important topics such as marriage and children. Starting to date with an idea of what you’re looking for makes it significantly easier to navigate all the fish in the sea and focus on moving forward.

Don’t let dating be frustrating and exhaust you to the point of hopelessness! Instead, check out these great tips to get you started; from actually putting yourself out there to not judging a person within minutes of meeting them, we’ve got everything you need to know to get back out there!

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#1 Sticking to routine

● 10 of the worst mistakes made when dating in your 40s 

This may sound like one of the more obvious points, but it is amazing how many women complain about not being able to meet anybody… without actually trying. We’d all love that rom-com romance of running into someone in a grocery store or finding love with someone that’s been in our lives all along. In reality, if you haven’t already been dating on your regular routine, then chances are slim moving forward.

Try something new like joining an art class or the gym to increase your chances of running into love. Visit places you already enjoy such as an art gallery, museum, or concert more often – this way there’s not only a higher chance of finding a person you’d like to date, but you’d find someone who shares similar interests as you.


#2 Not joining an online dating site

10 Mistakes All Women Should Avoid When Dating In Their 40s

According to eHarmony, there are 45 million single men over the age of 35 in the United States alone. If you’re looking for international love, there are over 2 million single men that are 35 years or older in Australia, and seven million in Britain. Even better, these are just the statistic of men using online dating platforms!

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Online dating has become an easy, efficient, and fun way of meeting people with shared interests. Other than basic information such as age, height, and ethnicity, dating profiles also touch on subjects such as preference in a partner and identifies whether a person is looking to casually date, a serious relationship, or even headed toward marriage. Even before meeting them in person, you can know whether they have children already, what type of music they like, and what they do in their free time.

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