CT Scan Reveals Photos of Hidden Secret Inside This 1,000 Year Old Mummy

Until we had the technology of a CT scan, it would have been impossible to know what was inside this 11th or 12th century Buddhist statue without completely ruining it. Now, with the help of up-to-date CT imaging, scientists have been able to look inside this statue to reveal quite a surprise!

These photos reveal how the imaging was performed at a medical center in the Netherlands at the request of the Drents Museum. It was expected that the statue would contain a mummy. What the scientists did NOT expect is that paper scrolls were hidden inside where the organs would have originally been!

The mummy inside of the statue is thought to be that of Liuquan, who was an ancient Buddhist master or monk related to a Chinese Meditation School. Take a look at these incredible photos to see the exacting way this “patient” was prepared and imaged!

Years ago, there would have simply been a guess as to what was inside the statue, but now, you can see with your own eyes the secrets that lie inside of this cross-legged, bronzed Buddhist figure.

Source : nltimes.nl | drentsmuseum

Photo: MMC / Jan van Esch
Photo: MMC / Jan van Esch
Photo: MMC / Jan van Esch
Photo: MMC / Jan van Esch
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