Concealed carry permit holder is the ‘Good Samaritan’ when an ‘Active Shooter’ shows up

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On Wednesday night, at an Arlington, Texas sports bar, a concealed carry permit holder shot and killed an alleged ‘active shooter.’

The incident took place around 6:15 pm at Zona Caliente Sports Bar.

“A man opened fire at the Zona Caliente Sports Bar… but police say a customer with a gun of his own put a stop to it,” WFAA reported.


The horrifying event began when shooter, James Jones, walked into the bar yelling and saying incoherent things. When the manager, Cesar Perez tried to calm him down, Jones proceeded to shoot him.

A customer proceeded to pull out his handgun and shot and killed Jones. It has been confirmed by police that the customer who shot Jones did have a CHL and charges will not be filed against him.

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“He made the decision to engage the shooter, fearing there would be other loss of life,” Lt. Christopher Cook with the Arlington PD said.

Jones, 48, and Perez, 37, were both pronounced dead at the scene.

The Arlington PD don’t believe that Jones knew Perez, and have confirmed that Jones did not have his CHL.

Jones also had additional weapons on him at the time of the incident, according to the Arlington PD.

“He definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business,” Arlington Police Lieutenant Chris Cook told NBC News.

“I don’t think the shooter even knew where the rounds were coming from because he started shooting at the front door,” Cook said. He described the scene as “chaotic.”

Jones had the handgun he used in the shooting, another loaded handgun in his pocket, along with two knives.

A high school friend of Perez said he leaves behind his children. On Thursday, the sports bar posted a picture of Perez on Facebook, asking people to wear white in honor of him. They also asked that people attend a candlelight vigil at the restaurant on Thursday at 7 pm in his honor.

“We’re thankful that the good ‘Samaritan’ acted quickly and decisively to end the threat,” Cook said. “We never recommend people get involved. That’s a personal decision that a citizen has to make.”

Emmanuel Kapelsohn, use of force and firearms expert, also commented on the event. Kapelsohn said he believes that the good ‘Samaritan’ acted appropriately.

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“I think it’s to be applauded,” he told NBC News. “Not everybody in the world ought to own a gun. Not everybody in the world ought to carry a gun. Not everyone in the world ought to engage an armed criminal where innocent people could be potentially injured.”

“But this good Samaritan obviously had the ability to do what he did,” Kapelsohn added. “Who knows how many people would be dead if he had not acted?”

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