Celebrities and Their Irrational Fears

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4. Nicole Kidman is Afraid of Butterflies

Nicole Kidman copy

Most little girls love the idea of chasing butterflies in an open field of flowers. But not Nicole Kidman! Although she often plays tough characters, apparently she has an irrational fear of butterflied. Not spiders. Not snakes. Not the scarier of nature’s insects, but one of the prettier ones. Not even their “uglier” predecessors, caterpillars. Nope, these are the butterflies she is afraid of. Afflicted with Lepidopterophobia, apparently she’ll run away if a butterfly even tries to get near her. Be careful going on a simple walk, Nicole!


5. Christina Ricci Hates Indoor Plants

Christina Ricci 1

A victim of Botanophobia, Christina Ricci won’t be caught with a plant inside her house! She says they are dirty (well, they do require dirt to grow) and admits that they sort of make her “freak out”. Although house plants are often known to make a house home-y and provide additional oxygen, Christina just has to find other decorating schemes to make her house feel like home.


6. Britney Spears Fears Lizards

Britney Spears 1

Well, they are kind of creepy, Britney. We agree. Suffering from Herpetophobia, Britney Spears has a special aversion to Komodo dragons. She tends to panic when seeing any large reptile, which means she may pass the kids off to the nanny when it’s time to go to this section of the zoo.

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