Celebrities and Their Irrational Fears

Even famous people can have ridiculous, irrational fears. Some of these are pretty common while others are rather obscure. This list of top celebrities and their strange phobias will help you get to know your favorite stars just a little bit better!


1. Robert Pattinson has a Phobia of Horses

Robert Pattinson - horse

Although not usually a problem, when he had to act in the film, Water for Elephants, Pattinson’s Equinophobia was something that he really had to get over. His character in the film was actually knocked down by a horse—and Pattinson was terrified by this scene. However, Rob didn’t let his fear of horses get in the way of his work and he persevered through it all. We think he did a pretty good job of acting afraid in that scene—except that in this case he wasn’t acting!


2. Kelly Osbourne Fears Being Touched

Kelly Osbourne1

Having the rare condition of Haphophobia, the fear of being touched, Kelly Osbourne has a pretty good attitude about it. Kelly’s brother, Jack, says that even just giving her the slightest graze on the collarbone will cause her to start dry-heaving. Eek. Definitely not a condition that promotes intimacy.


3. Orlando Bloom Runs Away from Pigs

Orlando Bloom 1

This burly pirate may not be afraid of blood and gore on a pirate ship, but throw a pig into the mix? No way! No matter the age or size, pigs are scary to Mr. Bloom. In fact, when some pigs accidentally got loose on the set of the Kingdom of Heaven film, Orlando started running very quickly.

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