Celebrities Who Were Criminals Before Showbiz Saved Them

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The stigma that comes with being a former criminal often shatters dreams and curtails careers, but not in show business. Hollywood and its relevant entertainment industries have a big heart. They don’t turn away the socially downtrodden, they welcome them.

Down below are 10 celebrities who lived a life of crime before the glitzy world of movies and music came to their rescue.


1. Nick Nolte


Veteran actor Nick Nolte’s legal troubles began long before his DUI arrest in 2002 produced one of the most iconic mugshots ever. Prior to starting his modeling and acting career in the late 1960s, Nolte was handed a 45-year suspended jail sentence and a $75,000 fine for selling counterfeit documents. His criminal record cost him a career in military, which he regrets to date. Nolte wised up and refrained from any untoward behavior until of course the aforementioned drunken driving incident.

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