Stranded cats are continuing to be rescued from the Houston Floods by good samaritans

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After a devastating natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey, has left all of Houston underwater – leaving countless residents stranded, some are still refusing to leave. You are probably asking yourself why.

Well, because among those stranded are pets who were left behind.

There have been several people going the extra mile to save many dogs, but thankfully, there are a few people who haven’t forgotten about the kittens either. One picture that has gone viral features six cats being rescued on August 28. The star felines were found in Houston and safely transported to a shelter, where they got all the necessary care they needed.

Since the state of emergency began, rescue organizations such as SPCA of Texas and Austin Pets Alive have transported hundreds of animals who fell victim to the storm to their foster homes or shelters.

“From the fosters who waited in line for over two hours to help give an animal a safe and dry place to stay, to the amazing donors showing up with carloads of much needed items, to online funding support – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” APA said.

“As we continue to care for the animals we have already saved, we have to prepare for even more animals who will need us in the coming days.”

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Check out a few of these heart-warming pictures of some of Texas’ finest furry friends:

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Watch the video below:

H/T: Boredpanda

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