Best Hairstyles for Women over 50 and Beyond

It’s an old wives tale that you shouldn’t have long hair when you are above a certain age. That’s just not true, but as we age the texture of our hair can sometimes change making some styles easier to carry off than others. You still want to look fabulous at any age. If you are a lady above 50-years-old, and beyond then here are nine styles you might want to consider.

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#1 The Blunt Bob:

This is a hairstyle that looks terrific on just about anyone. It’s meant to make your hair look thicker, by being all one length. Have the stylist cut it at your jawline for a traditional bob at about chin length. This look is chic with or without bangs, whichever you prefer.

Blunt Bob

How To Style: The beauty of the Bob is that it’s a wash and go style. After washing, blow dry sleek with a round brush for smoothness. Or you can let it air dry if you like some natural wave to your hair.

Recommended Products: A smoothing cream like Christophe Robin Moisturizing Cream ($43).

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Any face shape can have this timeless style. It helps to round out a long oval shaped face best though. Any hair type will work, but it’s a plus for ladies that have fine hair.


#2 The Lob:

Another version of “the Bob” that is just slightly different. The style of the “lob” which means “long bob” is like the regular bob, but the length is down below the chin. Somewhere between your shoulders and your chin is the right length. It’s a great way to show off your hair without it being too long, and dragging your face down.


How To Style: Another wash and go style, it’s best blown dry with a volumizing spray to add a little height at the crown for oomph. Or let air dry with some sea salt spray all over damp hair.

Recommended Products: Volumizing spray like Ouai Texturizing Spray ($26), or try a sea salt spray like Dry Bar Sea Salt Spray ($25).

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This works extremely well on a round or heart shaped face. Those of any textured hair type can attempt this style.


#3 All Over Layers:

If you have thinning hair, then this style might give you more volume overall to your look. This works best on a shorter hair cut, by having the stylist cut in layers all over your hair you’ll be able to work in a styling product, such as volumizing mousse, to give you va va voom volume at your roots.

All Over Layers

How To Style: You can blow this style dry with a diffuser if you want to keep some of your natural wave. A mousse will help give you volume and texture while controlling frizz.

Recommended Products: A great mousse like Living Proof Full Thickening Mousse ($27).

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: This can round out a small face shape, and add the look of cheekbones to any face shape. A great style for thicker hair to thin out the bulky texture. On the flip side it can add volume to thin and wispy hair.

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