10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Baby in the First Year

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#5. Caffeine

When you think about giving your baby caffeine, it seems like a no brainer to avoid that for as long as possible. I mean, who would give a baby a sip of coffee? But, the truth is that caffeine can be found in many foods and drinks that are totally unsuspecting. Foods like chocolate, tea, and soda all have caffeine at some level. Like most parents know, caffeine can alter your sleep patterns causing you to feel more awake and alert. That same effect can happen to your little baby. Giving your baby foods like chocolate can have them awake all night long and have you up all night long, frustrated. Drinks like iced tea are another sneaky caffeine culprit and should be avoided while your baby is young. Stick to formula or breast milk and avoid treats like chocolate until your baby is at least a year old.


#6. Cow’s milk

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Even for adults, cow’s milk can be incredibly harsh on the digestive system. While most people drink milk for their daily calcium intake, it can cause terrible gas pains and digestive issues. The proteins found in cow’s milk can be awful on your baby’s digestive system. The minerals found in the milk can also cause damage to your baby’s kidneys. On top of all of that, the nutrients that your baby needs on a daily basis are not found in cow’s milk. Baby’s need formula or breast milk to thrive, grow, and develop. You do not need to incorporate dairy products like cow’s milk into your baby’s eating routine for calcium. The formula and breast milk gives them everything they need. As your baby gets older, after a year old, you can start to introduce cow’s milk or other dairy alternatives like soy milk or almond milk.

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