10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Baby in the First Year

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#3. Fish

Fish can offer your child a wide array of great nutrients, vitamins, and benefits like omega 3’s and protein that can directly affect the health of your brain and your heart. Fish is even referred to, by many people, as brain food. However, when it comes to your baby before they are a year old, fish is better left off of the menu. The problem is that a lot of the fish that is typically found in the home has a high chance of containing elevated levels of mercury. The types of fish that usually contain high levels of mercury that you should avoid feeding baby is tuna, mackerel, swordfish, and shark. If you and your family typically have a diet high in fish, tilapia, trout, and haddock are good options. Fish is also not recommended for children under a year old because, like most seafood, fish is a common allergy.


#4. Citrus

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Citrus fruits and vegetables are delicious and sweet and a crowd pleaser when it  comes to the little ones. If you search the internet, you can easily find a video of a parent giving their little baby a lemon slice and watching them squirm. The truth is that citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit and citrus vegetables like tomatoes can actually cause your baby to have unexplained reflux that can be painful for them. Citrus is very acidic and it’s the acidity can cause skin rashes, tummy troubles like diarrhea, and reflux. Even though citrus fruits shouldn’t be offered until a year old, you can still offer your baby fruits that are good for them and easy on their body. Instead of pineapples and oranges, opt for delicious fruits like bananas and pears. They are easy on their tummies and can offer great nutritional benefits.

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