The 11 Most Awesome Car Collectors In The World

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When you look at some of the cars collections on this list, they just might make celebrity car collections look like a Tonka collection! Okay, maybe not, but they can’t quite compare to these collections.

Who are these people if they aren’t celebrities? Perhaps the question should really be where they get their money from if they aren’t plastered on the big screen, or they aren’t touring the world performing in front of millions. We don’t want to spoil it, but let’s just say it’s good to be at the top!

11. John W. Houghtaling II

Photo: John W. Houghtaling Online

Profession: Attorney

Estimated Cars in Collection: Unknown

Notable Cars in Collection: Every Lamborghini Made From 1967 to 1986

John Houghtaling is an attorney in New Orleans, LA who specializes in business and catastrophic personal injury litigation. He’s the managing partner of the law firm of Gauthier, Houghtaling, and Williams. Although John isn’t a celebrity, his net worth is estimated to be about $58 million. Much of that wealth can be found parked in his garage. There, you’ll find an array of Ferraris and Lamborghinis. In fact, you’ll find every Lamborghini that was made between 1967 and 1986.

Perhaps what makes John special is that his cars aren’t just sitting there, being his own personal eye candy. John helps raise money for charities like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where he recently raised $15,000 as part of the First Ferrari Club of America’s Challenge Race that was held in Sebring, Florida back in 2009.

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10. Wayne Schmeeckle

Photo: Hot Rod

Profession: Construction Company Owner

Estimated Cars in Collection: Unknown

Notable Cars in Collection: 2 Baldwin-Motion Phase III Camaros. 1968 Camaro with only 4.085 original miles, one of the only three 1971 Camaro’s ever made

Wayne Schmeekle built his impressive vintage muscle car collection over the past two decades.  The collection is comprised of cars that were built between 1967 through 1971, several of the cars having ties to Yenko Chevrolet. Throughout his years collecting, he had a game plan. He always wanted to make an effort to upgrade or “trade up” so he could have the very best examples of each rare car in his collection.

January 2016, Wayne put up at least two dozen of his cars up for auction at Mecum Kissimmee. Some of the most notable vehicles that were auctioned off include two Boss 429s, two Winged Warriors, three ’71 Six Pack Cars and two rare and original Olds 442s. It is estimated that these cars are worth anywhere between $2.25 – $2.75 million, each pre-sale. Wow!

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9. Bruce Meyer

Photo: Next Image Photo

Profession: Real Estate Investor

Estimated Cars in Collection: Unknown

Notable Cars in Collection: First production Shelby Cobra, 250 GT Berlinetta SWB, Greer-Black-Prudhomme dragster, 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa

When we talk about car collections, it makes sense that a real estate investor would have a sizable garage that is perfect for housing beautiful cars, about a quarter of them being hot rods. Although he doesn’t have a clear focus on the cars he likes to collect, you can see that he prefers to collect cars that are known for their performance.

He first started collecting hot rods when he was a teen, then he graduated to mid-60s cars, then classic ‘50s sports cars and his latest additions include a one-off 1929 Duesenberg Murphy Convertible, an illegal to drive Greer-Black Prudhomme dragster. In fact, Bruce has been credited with helping to draw focus to how collectible hot rods can be.

8. Gerard Lopez

Photo: Top Gear

Profession: Venture Capitalist

Estimated Cars in Collection: 100

Notable Cars in Collection: Last Lotus Esprit Sport 300 produced, Lamborghini Countach QV, AC Cobra 427, Bugatti EB110

Gerard Lopez is the co-owner of a venture capital group called Genii Capital, which owns the Renault F1 team, which is now known as Lotus F1, even though it is still powered by Renault. Gerard loves cars (obvious by the fact that his company owns a race team!), but his passion for expensive and rare cars isn’t that much of a problem since his companies do extremely well, and the money keeps flowing in. Where is his collection stored, you ask? Many of them are stocked at his office in Luxembourg.

7. Dmitry Lomakov

Photo: Goliath

Profession: Businessman

Estimated Cars in Collection: 120

Notable Cars in Collection: 1977 Chayka GAZ-13, BMW-328, BMW-303, Adolf Hitler’s Mercedes-Benz, 1914 Peugot motorcycle

Over in Russia, Dmitry Lomakov, the president of Retromoto, has an unparalleled collection of antique cars—so much so, there is a museum for them all. The Lomakov Museum houses 120 antique cars and motorcycles. Perhaps the most notable (and controversial) car in his collection includes the Mercedes-Benz Adolf Hitler used to travel around in while he was the German Chancellor. Other notable vehicles are the 1914 Peugot motorcycle, which is the last of its kind, and the 1977 Chayka GAZ-13. The Chayka is a Russian vehicle that is no longer produced, and Dmitry’s car is the last one known in existence. Talk about a priceless piece, no?

6. Ken Lingenfelter

Photo: LS1Tech

Profession: Business Mogul

Estimated Cars in Collection: Over 150

Notable Cars in Collection: Lamborghini Reventon, 1999 Shelby Series 1, 1982 Delorean DMC 12, Saleen S7 Twin Turbo

Ken Lingenfelter is the man behind Lingenfelter Perfomance Engineering, so naturally he would have an impressive car collection, which consists of over 150 cars. You can expect to see rare Corvettes, Bugatti, Porsches, Mustangs, and the 20 Lamborghini Reventons.

Where does he keep this extensive collection? Why in a 40,000 climate controlled garage in Michigan. Ken admits that much of his collection is pretty random—you’ll even find duplicate cars (Mostly Camaros and Corvettes), but he says when he sees a car, and he likes it, he’ll buy it, regardless if he already has one in his collection. Hey, you can’t blame the guy for liking what he likes, right?

5. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan (Rainbow Sheikh)

Photo: Jalopnik

Profession: Member of the UAE Ruling Family

Estimated Cars in Collection: Over 200

Notable Cars in Collection: 1963 Rolls Royce Phantom 6, 1889 Mercedes-Benz, Large scale versions of old cars

The Rainbow Sheikh earned his moniker because he owns seven Mercedes S-Class cars in every color of the rainbow. Of course, these cars aren’t the only thing that is special about his car collection. He has customized Mercedes monster trucks, countless oversized Jeeps, and other over-the-top amazing cars.

Oh, and for this billionaire, a garage, warehouse, or museum isn’t going to be special enough to house this guy’s car collection. Oh no! He keeps his collection inside a pyramid. A real Pyramid that was built by Ancient Egyptians! Talk about impressive!

4. Oliver Jordan

Photo: Autoweek

Profession: Salvage Business Owner

Estimated Cars in Collection: Over 250

Notable Cars in Collection: 1917 Maxwell, 1937 7-person Lincoln limo, 1937 Cord Model 812 Supercharged Beverly Sedan

Okay, so this particular collection isn’t anywhere as desirable as the other collection on the list, but we have to mention it! Oliver Jordan owned a salvage business between 1945 to 1953. Although many of the cars have sat outside to rust, the VanDerBrink Auction house gained control of the collection after Oliver (who passed away in 2004) and his wife passed away nearly a decade later. The auction house put cars on the auction block, coining the cars as a “customizer’s dream.”

Why hasn’t anyone known about this massive collection until recently? Oliver was a secretive kind of guy, and when his salvage yard closed in 1953, he hid it from public view by setting up a fence around the perimeter of his property and fortified with barbed wire. It was very rare to let people in to see his collection, even though the small town of Enid, Oklahoma (where Oliver and his collection resided) fought with him about the stash.

3. Dr. James Hull

Photo: Ba.Bamail

Profession: Cosmetic Dentistry

Estimated Cars in Collection: 543 Classic Cars

Notable Cars in Collection: Austin that belonged to Winston Churchill, a Bentley owned by Elton John, Mini Traveller owned by famed Lord Mountbatten, and a Jaguar D-Type worth $6.1 Million

Instead of your run of the mill garage that you’d have attached to your house, Dr. James Hull had several warehouses full of vintage cars! Well, that is until he sold the incredible fleet for an undisclosed amount (although the collection is estimated to be worth $154 million) to Jaguar Land Landover. Wow!

James traveled the world in search of rare vehicles that have been produced over the past 80 years. His collection included multi-million dollar Jaguars and Bentley, as well as Morris Minors and vehicles that once were own by some pretty notable figures like Winston Churchill, Elton John, and Lord Mountbatten.

2. Bill Harrah


Profession: Casino Magnate

Estimated Cars in Collection:  Over 1,400

Notable Cars in Collection: 1936 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster, 1901 DeDion-Bouton, ’62 Lincoln Continental used by President Kennedy, 1939 Chrysler used by Johnny Carson, 1897 Leon Bollee

When we talk about car collections, we have to mention Bill Harrah, the casino magnate, for his incredible collection! At the time of his passing of old age, he owned an incredible 1,400 cars in his collection. He has at least four dedicated galleries that showcase extremely early cars—we’re talking cars from the late 1800s like the 1892 Philion (the first American car which ran on steam and had metal wheels!)

In 1980, Holiday Inns bought Bill’s company (which included the car collection). They then auctioned off many of the vehicles between 1984 and 1986. After all was said and done, much of the collection was sold off for $100 million. Even still, there were so many cars that remained, two museums were created; the Imperial Palace collection and the National Automobile Museum.

1. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

Photo: Top Speed

Profession: Sultan of Brunei

Estimated Cars in Collection: 7,000

Notable Cars in Collection: Aston Martin One-77, Ferrari Mythos concepts, Cicero BDB Maestro, Porsche Carma, Koenigsegg Agera CC GT

If you though Bill Harrah had a lot of cars, that’s nothing compared to Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah’s collection! Of course, when you’re the Sultan of Brunei, you can afford to spend money on whatever you want. The Sultan has 604 Rolls-Royces, 452 Ferraris, and 382 Bentleys. Sure, you expect every rich person to have at least one of these cars, but in those amounts? That’s crazy! With that said, these aren’t the cars that are most impressive.

Some of the really impressive cars include a super rare One-77 Aston Martin, 134 Koenigseggs (the company only makes 20 of these cars per year, so you know he’s been collecting those for quite a while!), two rare, operational Ferrari Mythos concept cars, and a Modified Jaguar XJ220 that was designed by Pininfarina!

So where does he keep the enormous car collection of his? In five secret airplane hangars that are fully staffed with specialists, that will keep his cars in the pristine collection, of course!

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